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Portfolio Goals

At ASTERA REIT, we are dedicated to providing our investors with the most cutting-edge renewable energy investments. Our goal is to make sustainability accessible to everyone by offering renewable energy investments with competitive returns. We invest in solar and hydrogen projects across the United States and strive to make a positive impact on our environment.
We take pride in our commitment to the future of renewable energy, and our Key Investment Targets focus on projects with long-term value and competitive returns. We believe that investing in renewable energy is not only the right thing to do, but a smart investment strategy.

Countryside Scenery

Land Purchases to Lease to Plastic
Recylers and Cell Towers

Gas fuel station with clouds and blue sky_edited.jpg

Sydication of Alternative Fuel
Stations across US Major Interstates

Hydrogen factory concept. Hydrogen production from renewable energy sources.jpg

Power Purchase Agreements

Home Control App

New Residential Smart Home

Concept of hydrogen production. H2 Fuel Modern Manufacturing. Industrial ecology zero emis

Alternative Fuel Stations across US Major
Including EV Charging, and Hydrogen Fuels

Engineer control energy storage system or battery container unit in factory.jpg

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Community Solar Developments


Nationwide EV Expansion partnering
with Municipalities

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